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The Department for Education approved our application to become an Academy with effect from Friday, July 1st 2011.

The decision to become an Academy enabled the School’s staff, Governors and students to move together into an exciting phase of development. As an Academy we are in a strong position to ensure that the interests and needs of Piggott students lie at the forefront of our planning and decision-making.

The Piggott School remains dedicated to high standards of achievement and its staff remains committed to the welfare and progress of all students. We have retained our current links with our communities, our feeder schools and our colleagues in other secondary schools. These things have not changed but the new status has allowed us to bring forward some of the improvements and developments that we long sought and to continue with aspects of our work which may otherwise have been compromised had we not sought conversion.

One aspect of the new opportunities has been the chance to extend the age range of the school to 4-18 years. This has meant we have been able to open a new primary school in Charvil, a small community within our catchment area. In collaboration with the LA, this school opened for Reception-age pupils in September 2013 and will grow, year by year, to be a primary setting for 210 pupils by 2019.

The Charvil Primary School is part of the Piggott Academy Trust. The school’s character reflects the community it serves and is led by a team working closely with families to ensure a strong identity and distinctive culture.

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